The HOUSE of Quakers - OuV2?
The HOUSE of Quakers - THOQ.iNFo

NON TaX sYsTem intertwined

NON religious " BeLief CuLTuRe " free, society

of friendly folk,. trying to be,. friendly.
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Quaker tHiS and Quaker ThaT, get yourself a Quaker HaT or,. a half dozen or so,. or.. one for every day of the week while you are it?
"True Godliness," penn writes in the most famous sentence in No Cross No Crown, "
does not take men out of the world, but enables them to live better in it
and excites their endeavours to mend it."

 After ALL,. LiFe,. iS The GiFT!

And you ask yourself,. why am i?

You have been gifted living,. Obviously,. as LiFe the giFT

Why would any gifted living not move to assure this gift living be available for ALL ever gifted it?

LiFe,. caused onto flourishing, eternal.

We will not be,. PreTenDing.. with you.

The time away debating that which requires likeminded to pretend

we simply havent the time for.



Get your HaT on Quaker!

Might as well throw in my,. buck 2.98,. i mean, 2 cents
The Custodian - TheCustodian.Me


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Whatever the end in life,. here we are now gifted living.
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